About Ryan Oakley

Hi. I'm Ryan Oakley and welcome to my little corner of the internet. This is the home of my life's (digital) work. I share my writing, my photography, my book, my tutorials, my micro-businesses and more.

I cover a lot of different topics, but there is one central theme that ties it all together:

Win big by thinking small.

Thinking small means:

  • forming simple, doable tiny-habits that can result in big improvements in your life.
  • minimizing physical and emotional clutter to create space for the things that matter.
  • starting tiny, scalable side-businesses to engage your passion and grow your income.
  • learning to be flexible and nimble as the world around us changes.

I believe we live in an unprecedented time - when opportunities for creative fulfillment has never been greater. The internet and affordable technology gives us the power to create stunning photographs, write epic novels, start mini-businesses, and connect with like-minded folks all over the world.

But there are serious struggles too. So many distractions, the suffocation of debt, our own internal resistance to do the important work that might change our lives or the lives of others.

I'm an engineer and public servant by day - and anything I want to be by night.

"On the side" I've:

I have two fantastic kids and a great "ex" relationship with their amazing mother.