Hi, I'm Ryan Oakley

I'm an entrepreneur, photographer, author, engineer and father.

I'm all these things because each one makes my life better. And I'm blessed to live in an amazing time where the internet and affordable technology makes it possible for creative people to produce great work, share it with the world, and even make micro-businesses out them.

All this can be done without quitting our day-jobs. (If we want to keep them, that is.)

But let's talk about this website and why you're here.

You and I are not that different. Like you, I'm in the trenches every day trying to make my life better. Paying bills, making stuff, working on my relationships, and looking for a bit more joy and happiness.

It's not always easy. But when things click, there's nothing more rewarding. I'm sure you've experienced it. Flow, ease, gratefulness.

This website is about creating more of the good stuff in our lives, more consistently, and without adding to the chaos and stress.

I'm all about making big waves with small actions. And I want to show you how to do the same.

Here are some examples of big waves coming from small actions in my life:

  • I've created a tiny side-business which at one point was making 2x what I was making in my full-time engineering job.
  • I've quit smoking after reading a simple book.
  • I've helped thousands of folks build their own photography website with a tutorial that took me just a couple of weeks to create.
  • I've published a photography book that's delighted my community - by taking photos of strangers on my lunch break.
  • I eat healthy and save money on groceries by using a meal-plan service that's incredibly easy to use.

The point is - I know that small actions can create big results. Not every time, for sure. But I've had enough success that I know there are simple solutions to my big problems. I just have to find them. And when I do, I'll be sure to share them with you on this site.

I want to do things that make a difference.

I want to separate out the signal from the noise.

I want to be full of life, not full of stuff.

This website is an example of how and who I want to be. Through this site I hope I can make some big waves.

And my definition of a big wave through this site would be if I'm able to help just ONE person (maybe you?) to see a new perspective, build something from nothing, get un-stuck with a problem you're having, or just to get inspired to tackle your problems in a new way.

I don't have all the answers. No one does. But I want to be in the crowd of helping folks make a difference for those that are looking for change, for growth, and for finding more of those moments of joy and happiness.

If this sounds good to you, then let's stay in touch. Sign up for my email list to get all my latest articles, stories, tutorials and other helpful things.

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